Milligan St

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Exquisite new home in Perth City’s pulsing epicentre. Featuring a collection of 401 chic apartments over 30 levels on the illustrious Murray Street Perth, NV Apartments places you amidst the city’s smorgasbord of delights.



Premier Tower

The visionary design and unique structure of Premier Tower is at the forefront of contemporary architectural practice, inspired by form and delivering remarkable function. This landmark building comes to life with a sensual flow that sets a new bar for urban architecture.

555 Collins

The final, uniquely elegant form comprises an evolving façade that constantly changes as it is viewed from different aspects around the site. Intricate and textured, this façade provides intriguing and inviting points of view to pedestrians. 555 Collins adds new excitement to the vibrancy of Melbourne’s city skyline as light moves across this sinuous new form.

Hobart, Tasmania

Macquarie St

Your Ideal Quality Living

Davey St 28-30

Your Ideal Quality Living

Collins St 2-6

Your Ideal Quality Living

Sandy Bay

Your Ideal Quality Living

Elizabeth St

Your Ideal Quality Living

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